Jim Clark wrote:

> GIMP related in that I will work on the image in GIMP.
> I am seeking an image I can use freely on our company Intranet. I have
> scoured my CDs and the web for over an hour so far, but have been unable
> to find a good image of a red English phone box with no people in it.
> If someone has such an image, and could send it to me, or point me to
> where I can find it, I'd be very grateful.
> --
> Thanks!
> Jim Clark

Microsoft has got something called Live Clipart Gallery on microsoft.com
where you can find pictures/illustrations/etc (the pics are usually of very
high quality). These pictures are free to use, they are very small though
(which is where they make money, larger size costs money :) but i've often
used them.

Just do a phonebooth search and you'll probably find something useful, the
People category is very useful too.

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