Tobias Gärder wrote:

> Microsoft has got something called Live Clipart Gallery on
> (
> where you can find pictures/illustrations/etc (the pics are usually of very
> high quality). These pictures are free to use, they are very small though
> (which is where they make money, larger size costs money :) but i've often
> used them.

I happened to jump over and check a few out.  Unless I'm missing
something, their some funky format *.cil, which GIMP does not
recognize.  There are references to using them in Office....

The best I could do was to right click the thumbnail.  Then I noticed
that if you select the image, you're provided yet another larger gif
image in a separate window.  You can right click that image and download

By the way, not that I need one, but I did a search for phonebooth and
nothing was returned.

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