At 05:50 PM 20/09/2000 EST, some spammer wrote:
>Top 10 Reasons People Use Our Software: 

I think they inadvertently missed the real top two reasons:

-1. EXPERIENCE TITILLATION by prying into other people's affairs.

0. INVADE others' privacy just because you can.


<snip marketing bullshit>

>Some Comments From Our Users: 

"I used this software to spy on my sister's e-mail to her boyfriend. It was
- Older brother

"I recently installed this software on our company computers, just after
setting up the surveillance cameras in the staff toilets. Now I just have
to work out how I can afford the extra staff required to monitor all the
other employees. And then I'll need more staff to monitor them. And then..."
- Big Brother

"I've never heard of this product, because I don't really exist. It's not
like anyone would actually e-mail a company like this with a snappy little
marketing sound bite, is it?"

Any chance we can get non-subscriber mail to this list filtered out?


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