Try these.  Some are actual programs, but most are web-based 
(generating html, php - gallery generators).  There are others 
out there.  I just did a simple search on for "photo"
Also, try (more updated than,
or freshmeat.  Good luck.

On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, you wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a utility to create photo archive, like Image Alchemy did before
> 6-7 years?
> How it works: it scans the directory for know image formats, he make one
> (or more) big picture (mostly 1024x768) picture, he put thumbnails on this
> big picture (save image ratio, but possibly reorder the images to fit to
> the page)
> When this page(s) was created, it was clickable, to the original images,
> just like image maps in HTML.
> The (one) big picture is for mostly CD-ROM archives, what is not quietly
> effective for large amount of small (thumbnail) files.
> best regards,
> tamas

Rick Rosinski

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