Hi there!
Iīm working as a graphics artist on a online-game project. Iīve never made 
graphics for games before, so Iīve never been forced to take file size in 
consideration when working. I just discovered GIMP and fell in love with it. 
I also discovered the PNG format, which seems to make an incredible job. 
But, īcause Iīm new to this format, I have some questions to ask. As I said, 
the game is an online game, which means all images must be displayed 
correctly in the browser and at the same time, occupy as little space as 
possible. We will only support MSIE 5 and up (<- hey, not my decision). Is 
the MSIE support for PNG good enough to use this format extensively? Can I 
use programs like pngcrush and pngrewrite with MSIE still displaying them 
correctly? How do I make transparent PNGs, and does MSIE support them? And 
finally, what about animations and MNG, same questions, does MSIE support it 
and how do I make it? If you think using PNG is a bad idea, please give me 
some suggestions on other file formats. And by the way, whatīs JNG? Thatīs a 
lot of questions, but please bare with me:) Thanks,

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