Is there a way to make keybindings to blending modes (sorry if I'm using
the wrong terms here...that's how they're expressed in
Photo$hop) in the Layers, Channels & Paths dialog persistent?  I can
dynamically bind them (by virtue of gtk's
dynamic binding feature), but these bindings never persist from gimp
session to gimp session.

If none of that made any sense, I'm looking to make it so the blending
modes (normal, dissolve, multiply, screen, divide, etc) to the
keypad...that is, KP_0 (0) to normal KP_1 to multiply (I never seem to
have any use for dissolve), and on up to KP_9 for lighten only. Then with
the blending modes for which there are no keys left (hue, saturation,
color and value) use ALT+KP_1  ALT+KP_2 etc.

It might sound like a lot of "sugar for a nickel" as my dad used to put
it, but I find these bindings incredibly useful because I'm constantly
blending layers...but I find that I have to reset them everytime I use the
gimp.  The gimp has no preset keybindings from anything in the keypad, and
since these are only bound to the layers, channels & paths dialog box,
they don't interfere with anything else...but at any rate, as it is now,
nothing will bind to these blending modes.  

Perhaps this could be added to a wish list?  Or perhaps there's something
I could define somewhere in ~/.gimp ?  I've looked pretty carefully but as
yet have found nothing there.

Thank you for any help or suggestions!

Vince Frost

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