ebi5 wrote:

> Is this a joke? egroups sends an advertisement with every email. Which
> makes every email they send half spam and half list mail.

Are the responses to my posting a joke? Don't most of the people who responded in a
similar vein know that it is possible to remove ads from egroups.com? I haven't done 
cost comparisons, but doing that should be cheaper than maintaining this list on it's
present server.

I really like the facilities that egroups provides me: w/o bothering the list
admin/moderator, I can specify whether I want to get individual mail messages or to get
daily digests or get no mail at all - read it on the web. I don't think the current 
offers me all these facilities.

Other than the advertising (which we know can be done away with), nobody has come up 
any good objections.

Harshdeep Singh Jawanda.

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