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> "Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero" wrote:
>> If we are gonna change to another place, I would ask help to GNU or
>> SourceForge, they
>> give lists to open source projects without ads.
> A good idea. Would anybody want to try that out? In fact, why not start
> thinking about
> hosting Gimp at SourceForge? Other OS projects have successfully moved...
> Just an idea ;-).

I like that Idea. I've been absolutely inundated with spam from this list
(and the gimp-devel list) in the last couple days. Often from the same
people over and over again.

The berkley response is "we don't have the facilities to stop this. If you
don't like spam then unsubscribe." this is an absolutely idiot response.
These ppl are supposed to by sysadmins and they respond like this. That's
trash. I'm on this list for a reason, all I want is for them to change to
subscriber only. Then if a list user sends spam, we can trounce him, shoot
him, draw and quarter and send the body parts to the four corners of the

did I mention I'm SICK of getting spam?

Anyway, any move that will facilitate this is fine in my books. I not only
want to support GIMP but SorceForge as well. I like and I say we should do

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