I have been looking for free true-type fonts, and I have found
many web sites out there.  The one thing that they have in 
common is that they have them all listed *individually*, and not
one of them (that I have found so far) have all fonts in one big
file that I can just download and extract.  Plus, most of the ones
I have found are *.zip files, and the unzip command doesn't seem
to accept a command like "unzip /fonts/*".  it says - for each file - 
caution:  filename not matched: /fonts/whatever.zip, and nothing
gets extracted.

Are there any font archives out there on the web that exists all in one
zipped file?  Or, how can I get the unzip command to allow me
to unzip multiple files at once?  (I have read the man page, but
to no avail).

Thanks very much in advance.

Rick Rosinski

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