[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-09-29 at 2056.15 -0700):
> common is that they have them all listed *individually*, and not
> one of them (that I have found so far) have all fonts in one big
> file that I can just download and extract.  Plus, most of the ones

Use wget, for example:
wget -r -l1 -A zip http://site/dir/page-with-zip-links

> I have found are *.zip files, and the unzip command doesn't seem
> to unzip multiple files at once?  (I have read the man page, but
> to no avail).

Use a bash shell loop, for example: 
for i in `ls *zip`; do unzip $i; done

And also try places with fonts in one single archive. ;]
But I can remember none, sorry.


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