COUTIER Eric wrote:

> Hello,
> GIMP: what a great tool !
> I am just an user but can i make a suggestion ? There's 25 buttons on the
> Gimp Toolbar and sometime, it's not easy to find the good one in all these
> buttons.

Why don't you use the select-your-own-key-to-the-buttons-you-like
function? Working with the keyboard instead of chosing each tool by hand(mouse)
is a great time-saver anyway.

(Just popup the menu, hold the pointer over the function you want to change
keybinding for and then press the key you'd like to use in the future).

I rarely touch the tool-panel anymore after modifying gimp to work just like
the old photoshop keybindings, which i'm used to.

just a tip. maybe unneccessary. maybe helpful. who knows.

what I'D want is gimp to show the selection-size all the time and not just
while selecting something, i hate to reselect everything to see how big
something is (there might be a solution for this, please help me! =)


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