Got a little question, it doesn't really affect gimp as it could be any
3rd party software, but it would be awesome with a thingie like this
built into gimp...

Remember the old days? Drawing your pixels with Deluxe Paint on the
Amiga/Atari? Those programs had (at least the atariversion) a nice
little feature, a realtime magnifier.

It worked like a window/dedicated part of the screen which followed the
mouse on your canvas and magnified the part you were pointing at, so you
could draw with your airbrush in 1x1 mode while watching the pixels at a
lower scale at the same time, how many times haven't you done some
serious shading and realized that it looks wierd when resizing back to
normal scale?

The magnify-app that comes with X is something like what i want, except
that i want it to refresh continuously.

Anyone heard of a util like this or know anyone who's capable of coding
one? I know that there's a whole lot of people who'd use it.

Just a quick thought. again.

Admit that it would rock.

.. tobbe | www.phatsidedesign.com

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