On Tue, 3 Oct 2000, Tobias [iso-8859-1] Gärder wrote:

> COUTIER Eric wrote:
> what I'D want is gimp to show the selection-size all the time and not just
> while selecting something, i hate to reselect everything to see how big
> something is (there might be a solution for this, please help me! =)

Tobias has a good point.  One of the features I sorely miss from photoshop
was the "Info" window.  In addition to showing the sizes of selections
it gives you the RGB value of whatever is under the cursor.  It even shows
before/after values when making adjustments and corrections.


In Gimp you can get the RGB values with the eyedropper tool but it goes
away when you select another tool. It would be nice to have it around all
the time and even better if it did before/after values so we can make more
precise color corrections.

Also note down in the corner the "history" / "actions" window.  We have
multiple undo and redo but is there something history and actions has in
addition?  (I started using Gimp before photoshop had that history stuff

It might be cool to have a "progressive undo / redo" so you can partially
back out of something.  The workaround I use for this now is to duplicate
one or more layers, do something like a color correction or filter, then
adjust transparency to blend the modified layer with the original.

Having a "procedural undo" would be able to accomplish this without the
additional step of creating a layer.  (heh... I'm lazy)

Thanks in advance for your consideration.  (and I know we are in a
"freeze" so I don't expect to see any new features any time soon)
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