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> I do have some complete animations but I do Have some single drawing, Is there an 
>animation program that has templates for comic book characters

In gimp you can move drawings along a line such as moving in from
the side using,  video > move path    but the image will always stay the same.

I don't know if it is what you are after but have a look at


Blender is a 3d rendering program that also allows animation.   All the
important functions for moving images, like animation paths, keyframes, 
inverse kinematics and object hierachies are integrated fully.

If your animations are for games look at


Crystal Space is an open source package for creating 3d graphics for games,
maybe for your purposes also.  It includes features such as:

particle systems - to simulate things like rain or snow and fountains.

collision detection  - for manually moved objects

physics simulation - ?

Hope these help but the gimp to my knowledge cannot do what you ask.



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