The palette you've used to make your gif image is not good. To correct this,
open your png file, choose "Image/Mode/Indexed" and then choose generate
optimal palette. Then save it under gif format.

I've a question too: ie4 seem not support png format. In fact, when i've
clicked on you png link below, ie4 has asked to me if i want to "save or
open the file", and hasn't displayed it. Why ?
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De: Philip Fletcher [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Date: vendredi 06 octobre 2000 13:34
: gimp-user
Objet: Low Quality Gifs


I have been trying to create gifs with transparent backgrounds for use on my
website.  No real problems (RTFM'd) with that, but the quality is appalling
in both colour and resolution.

As an example versus a similar
image in PNG format at .

It is on the conversion to 'indexed' that the degradation occurs.

Any ideas?


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