actually, it's about the same thing in IE4. If png image is embedded in a
html page, it's displayed. But, if you request png file only, it display
dialog "save or open". I don't think that IE support multitransparency in
png files.

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De: Martin Edlman [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Date: vendredi 06 octobre 2000 14:03
Objet: Little off-topic: PNG in browsers - Was: Low Quality Gifs

COUTIER Eric wrote:
> The palette you've used to make your gif image is not good. To correct
> open your png file, choose "Image/Mode/Indexed" and then choose generate
> optimal palette. Then save it under gif format.
> I've a question too: ie4 seem not support png format. In fact, when i've
> clicked on you png link below, ie4 has asked to me if i want to "save or
> open the file", and hasn't displayed it. Why ?

I think EI4.0 doesn't support PNG yet, upgrade to IE5.x. On the other
hand I have problem with Netscape under Linux (I didn't test it under
Windoze) - it doesn't support transparency in PNG, and it does display
PNG when it's embedded into a HTML page but when NN is requested to
display PNG image alone (e.g. using View Image) is complains
"Unsupported image type". Stupid thing, does anybody know if there is
some fix tothis problem. I have NN 4.75/Linux i386.


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