> Hello,
>       I am running gimp 1.0.4 on red hat 6.2 
> I am trying to make text gifs in gimp, and found a strang inconsitency.
> If you look at the attached gif, 
> the "T" in "TE" "TA" "TH" "TQ" all look different. 
> I need a context-independent antialiasing solution.

It appears that you forgot the attachment but I bet this is what's going

Antialiasing allows for ``sub-pixel'' rendering. a 50% grey pixel means
that half of the area of the pixel has black pixels in it and half have
white. Because most fonts dont have intigral pixel width characters, the
T can start at pixel x=5 the first time, but then pixel x=18.342 the
next time, etc.

Imagine this: Draw a box from x=10 to x=20, then one from x=31 to x=41.
Scale the image down by 1/3. The box from x=10 to x=20 maps to x=5 to
The box from x=31 to x=41 maps to x=15.5 to x=20.5. Therefore the second
box will have a grey pixel on each side whereas the first box will be
only black/white. The same thign is happening to you with fonts.

(This was discussed a few weeks ago I think)


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