On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Rebecca J. Pedersen wrote:

> when i do the print i get a dialog window.  select print to lp or
> whatever it is instead of file.  then set percentage etc and paper size
> in there.  i have no problems switching to a4 and adjusting percentage
> and alignment how i want.
> what version gimp are you using?  may be a problem in an older version.


  I'm running 1.0.4. I do get the dialog box and I can specify printer (or
file), orientation, and paper size. I have no choices for media type or
media source, and I set scaling to 100% (the default).

  Now, when I try it again, I'm stymied by another problem. The printer
tells me to load plain paper in tray 1 (for single-sheet feeding), so I do
it. It then sits for a while and tells me to remove the media in tray 1!

  Something is really screwy here.



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