I want to create a transparent gif, containing a text with a drop shadow
(for use in a Web-page).
Basically creating such an image is not very hard but converting the
result to an indexed palette results in a relly bad picture. Here is
what I tested:

1. Create a new RGB picture with tansparent fill type
2. Write a text (black) in this picture
3. Add a drop (black or grey) shadow with Script-Fu->Shadow->Drop-Shadow

Now the picture looks like I want to have it and its time to convert it
into a gif:

4. Do a "Merge visible layers"
5. Run Image->Mode->Indexed and select "Optimal Palette" and "Enable
Dithering of transparency"

The result is a 1bit palette image, that really does not look fine. The
shadow is now only a collection of black dots and looks horrible. I can
also choose Web-Palette in the Mode-dialog from above, but the result is
always the same.

What did I wrong? How can I create a showed text stored in a tranparent
gif where only the Text and the shadow should be visisble.

Thanks a lot
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