I'm running gimp 1.1.27 on a Sun Ultra 10 (UltraSPARC-IIi 300MHz),
128 MB of ram, Solaris 8.  Here's what goes wrong for me:

        1) Start up gimp                (works)
        2) Load 2.1 MB tiff image       (works)
        3) Rotate 90 degrees            (works)

        [Now I realized I should have rotated it 270 degrees...]

        4) Rotate 180 degrees           (can't fork a 'rotate' process)

So then I have to exit gimp, restart, rotate 270, etc.

This is repeatable - I made the same mistake twice in a row! :-P
Anyway, just an FYI to any developers reading.  (I don't know if
the problem is gimp, a library, or Solaris.)


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