On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Robert Schiffers wrote:

> searching in the direction of illustrator i would like to promote "sketch"
> again. it's certainly not the perfect tool with all functions like some of
> the classic window/mac stuff, but it's quit promissing. it can combine
> pixel/vector graphics with simple text etc. it uses layers and it has an pdf
> export filter.
> perhaps that's what your looking for?
> http://sketch.sourceforge.net/

Yes, but now I remember why I never got to install sketch. It's a mess to
get to work! I requires python (no worries, I have that), but also PIL,
some python-library to work with images. I couldn't get PIL to compile
properly, and at least didn't immeadeately find a binary package of it, so
sketch fell on that too...

Too bad. Anyone can guide me?


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