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On Tue, 10 Oct 2000, James Smaby wrote:
> I typeset all of my things with plain TeX.  This is much nastier
> than LaTeX, but I learned it in a year or so.  I also use ps2pdf
> quite often on the output, so that I can print from window boxes
> in the labs, and the output is just fine.  The main problem with
> the postscript output is that the fonts are bitmaps, so you only
> have a set resolution. 

Interesting. You sound like a real pro, handcarving TeX doesn't sound
easy. Maybe though...

But you say that the fonts are bitmap? I didn't knew that.

>   If you want to see the conversion in action, I have a few docs
> on my web site which I've used these different methods:
> http://virgo.umeche.maine.edu/thesis/source
> http://virgo.umeche.maine.edu/graph_paper
> http://virgo.umeche.maine.edu/homework
> http://virgo.umeche.maine.edu/labs
> http://virgo.umeche.maine.edu/quaternian
> http://virgo.umeche.maine.edu/photos/chemistry_awards/postscript
> They use TeX/metapost, TeX/xfig, TeX/gimp, metapost, and xfig.

I'll check them out, thanks.

>   My xpdf doesn't display the fonts of TeX quite right and AFAIK
> gv only supports 16 colors but everything prints out perfect and
> displays right in Windows.

What's wrong with acrobat reader under linux?

>   So my recomendation is to bite the bullet and learn how how to
> typeset.  It really isn't that bad, and your results  will be so
> much more beautiful than anything that Distiller puts out.  Hope
> this email wasn't too long...

No, your email was just perfectly informing.

BTW, I hope not all others on the list mind that much this forum being
used as a general "doing graphics under linux" forum?

Well, interesting tips. Thanks.

/Carl-Johan Sveningsson

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