First my apologies for posting what should be a FAQ to this list (indeed,
I joined the list to ask these questions).

First, let me reassure you that I tried the manaul, I tried the tutorials,
I tried the FAQ and I tried searching the list archives.  While I am
certain that what I want is buried in at least one of the places
somewhere, I didn't find.

First an introduction covering my needs and experiences:

(a) I am not a designer or artist.
(b) I am not looking to create great graphics.
(c) I believe that from my reading I understand layers and channels
    reasonably well <em>conceptually</em>
(d) I just want to do simple things with photos (crop, including "beziar
    cropping, feathering of the cropped images, rescale (shrink

I have no experience with any image manipulation tool (I've never seen
Adobe Photoshop, with the exception of having done some scalling and
cropping with xv).

OK.  The gimp is over-kill for my needs.  But I simply find it
unusable.  I can handle bezier control points well enough for my needs,
but it is actually using the GIMP which has been a nightmare.

Is there a recommended book for someone like me?

Should I be using another tool?  If so, what?  (It must run on Linux, and
I prefer GPL'ed)

Can someone point me to something to get me started?  I seem to be able to
make selections ok, but I can't seem to manuplate the selections usefully.

There must be some guide or help for people in my position.


Jeffrey Goldberg
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