On Fri, 27 Oct 2000, Rebecca J. Walter wrote:

> i think i might be able to help with a few these but sounds like youre
> starting to work it out.

I am.

> [...] so then you either anchor it to an existing layer or using the
> layers dialog to create a new layer for it

What I've been doing is creating a new layer.  Pasting, and then
anchoring.  If there is a one step "past onto new layer" that would be
nice.  I guess my intuition about what pasting has conflicted with what
GIMP actually does.


> Jeffrey Goldberg wrote:
> > (1) Is there a way to "checkpoint" or save

> save your image in gimp's native file format (.xcf),

Several people have pointed this out and I managed to discover this on
my own shortly after I sent my message.

> > (2) Feathering and transparency.

> i deleted out your explanation of how you do it.  youre doing it the
> long way there is a script for that.  
> go to script-fu --> selection --> fade outline.  should make EXACTLY
> what you want.

Ah.  Thank you.

> jpgs do not have transparenyc.

So I've learned.  Somehow I thought that the did.  Also, as others have
pointed out. GIFs only have 1 bit of transparency, so the feathering
doesn't happen as at each pixel transparency is either on or off.

But also, now that I can save GIMP states I can largely work around the
transparency/fading problem by saving the layered object and generating
lots of related images with different backgrounds.  It's not as nice as
a simple transparent image (which would cache in browswers, etc), but it
will serve. 

> > (3) Resizing

> go to image and then scale.

Thank you.

I am begining to find these things, but it took me a long time to get used
to actually working with the layers window.  And as others have said, I
have started playing with things and suddenly my ambitions about what
I want to do have grown.

Again, thank you for your help.

While I doubt that I will be able to make it up on this list, I do
have a policy of answering two questions for everyone I ask, but I might
have to answer in places where I am not such a neophyte.



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