firstly i like to thank you for spending time to
read my mail. i'm a Uni. student in Malaysia. my final
project is to create a plug-in for GIMP. currently i'm
using windows version of GIMP in my Athlon 550 PC. the
OS i'm runnig now was Windows 98. actually i tries
Windows ME b4 but with Windows ME, Linux cant be
installed becuase of the DOS verwion of ME. 

  so i would like to know about the requirements and
instructions to write a plug-in and some steps too. i
know using VB,Pascal and a little bit knowleadge of
Visual C++. so what ur recommentation to me? 

  Linux platform is quite new to me because i'm a
'regular' Windows' user :) . now i'm using GIMP ver
0805 released. it a windows version of GIMP. i think
GIMP plug-in may run on this windows version. the gimp
i'm using now is only contain minor feature if compare
to linux version. 

  lastly i hope u can give some help to me....thanks
a lot!

  Eddy - Malaysia

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