Seth Burgess wrote:

> > And, does anyone know if the authors will include a
> >
> "exact-brush-size-plus-small-tool-on-the-right"-cursor?
> > I've heard that other people than me want that
> > feature, but...
> It may be added in some future release, but we're in
> feature freeze for 1.2 currently.  It has been
> considered in the past but not implemented due to
> whatever reasons (anyone recall?)

Okay, looking forward for it then, other little thingies like moving selections with 
the arrowkeys and using the window scrollbars when not having anything selected with 
the same keys would rock too (little photoshopthingies you kinda miss =/).. but, this 
is probably not the forum for these kind of suggestions, there's some sort of wishlist 
somewhere, i'll use that instead :)

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