Hello mike,

First, thank you for your response.

But no, it doesn't work, i've already tried this before. I will try to
explain better myself , using an example:

Imagine you've a photo of a crowd. You want to show up just a face on this
photo. So, you create a semi-opaque channel. Then, you select the face
(channel is seleted), perhaps feather it and then you cut it. Result: the
crowd is in "darkness" and the face you've selected is in normal light,
because there's a hole in the channel. It is this effect i can't save.

I've inserted in this message a little xcf file to illustrate this. Can
everybody try to make jpg, bmp, ... file wich is exactly the visible
representation of this file and say how you've made (the "grab window"
method is not valid because the image i want to save is bigger than my
screen :-[

Thanks in advance.
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De: Mike Peters [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Date: mardi 31 octobre 2000 16:58
Objet: Re: "apply" a channel

COUTIER Eric wrote:

> I know this. It's hard to explain... I simply want to save in bmp, jpg...
> format EXACTLY what i see on the screen. That's mean: image opacified by
> channel. So i've thought it's possible to "flatten" channel as you can
> "flatten" layers but it seems it's not the case. So. What is the solution

If you want exactly what you see Edit=>Copy Visible, Paste As New and save
that. Or have I misunderstood the question?

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