Thus spoke COUTIER Eric
> But no, it doesn't work, i've already tried this before. I will try to
> explain better myself , using an example:
> Imagine you've a photo of a crowd. You want to show up just a face on this
> photo. So, you create a semi-opaque channel. Then, you select the face
> (channel is seleted), perhaps feather it and then you cut it. Result: the
> crowd is in "darkness" and the face you've selected is in normal light,
> because there's a hole in the channel. It is this effect i can't save.

I don't know why you can't merge the channel information into the layers,
but apparently you can't.  So you'll need to think of channels as a
"save selection" mechanism and not an effects mechanism.  I don't use
channels since everything they can do I can do with layers instead.

To get the effect you want just make a black layer above the background
layer.  Add a white layer mask to the black layer.  Make a selection
(feather it if you want) in the mask and fill it with white.  Adjust the
transparency of the black layer so it's a bit transparent.  Now merge the
visible layers and save to a jpeg or bmp.

Hope that helps some.

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