Hello all,

        Well, the title pretty much says it all. I have GIMP 1.1.29
   installed on FreeBSD 4.1.1 and XF86 4.0.1. If I have the delay
   set for 0 seconds, I get the:

                screenshot: xwd didn't work

   dialog box. The Screen Shot dialog box is:

                single window checked,
                with decorations checked

   and, if I set the delay to 1 second (I haven't tried anything higher)
   the acquire screen shot works just fine.

        Is anybody else aware of this? I don't believe I have seen any
   discussion regarding this problem.

        Also, GIMP 1.1.26 did this, I think. It definitely failed to 
   acquire the screen shot with a 0 sceond delay. Last time I believe
   a 0 second delay worked as 1.1.2[23].


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