I am using a PC with 2 celeron processors, 192 Mo of ram, and a G200 matrox
graphic card. I made some experiences to see how fast goes Gimp under Linux
2.2.13 that i recompiled for SMP. So, i compared Gimp version 1.1.22
(recompiled smp) with XV and Photoshop 5.5 under windows. Here are the
results i got with the same picture of 40 Mo in tiff format with no
compression :

                         Photoshop (win)        Gimp(linux)
opening the picture     :4 sec                  7 sec                   4

modifing the curves     :4 sec                  35 sec                  < 1

gaussian blur (20 pixels)       :20 sec                 2 min 32 sec
3 min 57sec

undo                    :< 1sec                 17 sec                  < 1

save file under (tiff)  :5 sec                  4 sec                   < 1

The parameters of photoshop are defaults ones, and of course with one
processor because of windows. I changed the parameters of Gimp in
>preferences >environement. These results are obtained with a cache of 100
Mo and 2 processors. So my question is :
What can i do to have better results with Gimp ?

Jean-Louis Louere

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