an other solution
.right click on the text layer in layers dialog and choose alpha to
selection(i suppose this layer is totally transparent, except the text that
is antialiased with semi-transparent pixels)
.goto image, right click select/save to channel
.goto layers dialog to create a new transparent layer
.activate channel tab then click on the new created channel
.click on the channel to selection button
.reclick on the channel to desactivate it
.goto image, the new transparent layer should be selected
.fill the selection with the color of your choice
.then, you can, if you want, delete the old text layer

ouf !

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De: Bolt Thrower [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Date: jeudi 30 novembre 2000 04:59
Objet: change text color


I have a simple image.  Layer 1 is a background, layer 2 is some text
that is black.  How can I easily change the color of this text once it's
been committed to the layer?

Steve Chadsey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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