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Subject: Reverse video

> Hello.
> Is there any quick way in GIMP to swap
> black and white colors in an imported
> color image?
> I have a .tif image (generated by another
> program) which I want to send to my
> printer.  The .tif image consists of a
> color graph superimposed on a black
> background.  The black background covers
> most of the image.  The graph is labeled
> by white text which appears superimposed
> on the black background.  The reason I
> want to swap black and white is that
> currently when I send this plot to my
> printer, a ton of ink gets used up in
> printing the black background.  (I am
> going to be generating a bunch of these
> plots, so it would be nice to have a
> way to swap black and white.)

Here's how I'd do it:
Edit->select by color
Select the black color. Copy it to the clipboard.
Select the white color. Fill it in black or invert the color (same effect).
Paste the black from the clipboard, invert the color (image->colors->invert
I think). Finally, line things up if the paste didn't go where it's supposed


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