Am Mon, 18 Dez 2000 schrieben Sie:
> It will be very easy to make a gnome-frontend for gimp-2.0, as it will be
> modular enough to be used in about any environment.
> I am also quite sure that the regular gimp hackers will help with the
> gnome frontend (as opposed to kde, since most people know gtk and maybe
> gnome but not kde).

Hmm, I live in Germany (and your name suggests the the same)  and I don't know
_anybody_ using GNOME. Everybody I know is either using KDE or Windowmaker. Oh
and one guy is using Enlightenment. But I guess you are talking from the coders
point of view. There seems to be a reality difference between the coders and the
end-users. Why? I guess it's because most coders hate win and most end-users
come from win. :-)
Will a coder be able to write QT front end as well? But actually,
though I use KDE myself, I couldn't care less if an app comes along as a GTK or
an QT version.  Both GNOME and KDE (and GIMP of course) are great projects.
Thanks to you coders.  

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