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> Hmm, I live in Germany (and your name suggests the the same)  and I don't know

I live in germany and know only people who either use gnome or no linux. What
is the point here??

> Will a coder be able to write QT front end as well? But actually,
> though I use KDE myself, I couldn't care less if an app comes along as a GTK or
> an QT version.  Both GNOME and KDE (and GIMP of course) are great projects.

The problem I have with kde is that it really only works for us and
eupropeean people. Nobody cares for, e.g., asian users (no support) or
standards (konquerer :(). Unlike gnome people who, on average, try to obey
standards kde is mostly a "hacked to work for me", which means it works
for ascii and iso-latin1.

> Thanks to you coders.  

Thanks for being able to troll back ;->

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