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> I capture screen shots with SnagIt, edit in Gimp, and save as TIFF.
> (Aside: Gimp insists on including the 'Made by Gimp' comment even though
> preferences are set for NOTHING.)  FrameMaker cannot open Gimp TIFF and
> neither can several pixmap editors.  So I use Graphics Workshop to convert
> Gimp TIFF to (obviously) some other TIFF variant that the rest of the known
> universe can recognise.  And, guess what, Gimp cannot read Graphics
> Workshop TIFF.
> Any clues, workarounds, preferences, or whatever for this?
> Also, clicking the LZW Compression checkbox in the Save As dialogue gives
> an error message saying that no LZW is available.  Do I have to download
> some plugins or whatever for this functionality?
> Finally, a weensy gripe.  Why is the file browser so ssssslloooooowwwww?
> You click a subdirectory or a parent directory, wonder if you missed the
> target, whooops! after pondering Gimp has decided to recognise your first
> click and act on it, your second click hits some other directory (usually a
> drive letter, just to take you back to the top to get you really mad!).  I
> know it's written in Scheme/Lisp, but really, isn't finding a directory a
> little easier than convolving a 23 Mb graphic?
> Regards,
> Hedley
> [Windows 2000, GIMP v 1.1.24 (Kimball & Mattis port), FrameMaker v
> 5.5.6p145]

sounds to me like your using a devlelopment port based in are.
your TIFF library that GIMP is referencing is buggered mate.
GIMP doesnt save TIFFs, nor open them, libtiff does (dunno what the library is called 
in windoze).
the problems with the browser may have something to do with your filesystem.
GIMP was written under ext2fs, msw2000 doesnt use that, maybe thats the problem.


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