> [ Problems opening Windows TIFF images]
> sounds to me like your using a devlelopment port based in
> Winblows...oh...you are.  your TIFF library that GIMP is referencing 
> is buggered mate. 
> GIMP doesnt save TIFFs, nor open them, libtiff does (dunno
> what the library is called in windoze).  the problems with 
> the browser may have something to do with your filesystem. 
> GIMP was written under ext2fs, msw2000 doesnt use that, maybe 
> thats the problem.

I don't think that's is the problem. I can't open most PC/Mac TIFF images, like
from Photoshop, without resaving them with ACDSee. The rest of the world has no
problems, but Gimp (or libtiff) does.  I'm using Linux.

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