My friend is a photographer.  She takes pictures of horses and riders. 
She has 20 years of experience, a $1000 Nikon with several more $1000's
into lenses for this special fast outdoor sport photography.  These
images are how she pays for the equipment and the time it takes her to
get the image.  You should be very thoughtful when removing a signature
from an image.

I understand that copyright is what linux is all about.  But an image is
more of an event of software than software. You should be thoughtful of
removing signatures from graphics.

Cherubini Enrico wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to know if it exists a filter or any other way to remove pen
> traces from my pictures...I have a picture that was signatured and I want to
> remove automagically this signature...
> --
> Bye
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