Greetings to a recently quiet list.

I have a 5-layer xcf template that I use regularly for making buttons. 
Every time it opens, the layer next to the bottom is the active layer by
default.  I do not know if this is true on all images, but it sure is
here.  Cleaarly it is not random.  I want the layer 2 layers up (the
text layer) to be the default.  I saved it with that layer active but
upon the next open the same next-to-the-bottom layer was the active
one.  Not a big deal, but there must be a way to specify which is the
active layer on a frequently used image.  I am still on 1.04 (being one
of the RH 6.2 people who could never get a newer one to compile
successfully), if that makes a difference.  Any ideas?
Jim Clark

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