Peter Dove wrote:
> You might see whether the MKS Toolkit perl distribution
> ( will support the necessary ops.  They do have very
> unix-like make and shell (C and Korn) environments.

If you're going to consider MKS, you should check out UWin from
att.research.  Provides much of the functionality of MKS, has a more
compliant ksh (D. Korn is lead developer of Uwin) and the price is much
better, it's free.

> Just my 2c - just a perl non-power user.
> Peter
> Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> >
> > Marc Lehmann writes:
> >  > (Also there are different ports of perl to win32). Basically, it requires
> >  > somebody who just loves win32 and perl to check it out ;)
> >
> > Well, I can't say I love Win32, but I do like Perl ;-) When I tried
> > (must have been a year ago, I think) the first hurdle was porting the
> > Gtk Perl module. As I don't know much about building Perl modules on
> > Win32, I gave up. (In a cygwin environment, it probably is as simple
> > as on Unix, perl Makefile.PL etc, but in a "pure" Win32 environment,
> > d'oh.)
> >
> > I could try again...
> >
> > --tml

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