"Andrew M. Wu" wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have a (hopefully) small question concerning compilation of GIMP 1.2.0.
> I am running Mandrake 7.0 on a PII 233 MHz box with individual packages
> upgraded as needed (e.g. I've upgraded gtk+ and gtk+-devel to 1.2.8-6mdk
> (via RPM); I'm also using glibc and glibc-devel 2.1.3-16mdk).


I suggest that you use this work around:

% ./autogen.sh <most of your favourite configure options> --disable-ansi <-- disable 
strict ansi checking

to remake all your Makefiles, then:

% make

It's part and parcel with a temporary signal-fix relating

to a known bug (#2742, #6050, see http://bugs.gnome.org/db/27/2742.html)

that is waiting on a newer version of gtk+/glib. Perhaps

this should be patched so as not to trip strict gcc ansi checking,

if it cannot be removed in its entirety before then.

Let me know how this workaround works out for you.

Be good, be well


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