I have set "(gamma-correction 2.2)" in the file ".gimp-1.2/gimprc" but
gamma correction isn't
done om my images.

Do anyone have any suggestions ?

I am using gimp version 1.2, gtk+ version 1.2.8 on solaris 7 and 8, cpu
is sparc.
I have all kind of visuals available but the 8 bit Pseudovisual is the
default. Gimp seems to use
a 24-bit TrueColor visual, but not the linear one which is first in
reporting list from the X-server.
(hardware: SUN 10/440 with elite3D-3m)

(gamma-correction 2.2) have never worked for me in any previous version
of gimp (1.0.4 and 1.1.29).
I have tried it on my Linux box also with the same result. On this box
there is only one 24 bit
TrueColor visual available.

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