Hello Gimp users and list ADMINS,

I've also been trying to unsubscribe from this list for what must be almost
two years now -- and still no luck.  I have used all the recommended methods
and I do get a confirmation of unsubscription or a 'you are not on this
list' depending on the solar flares it seems.

But as yet, I've never been unsubscribed.

I still get all the emails.  Just like everyone else trying to unsubscribe.
I tried contacting the list owners but still no luck.  Hence, I'm adding to
this thread hoping that by being terribly rude and annoying, someone may
actually check why people can't unsubscribe.

Help me please!

Kind regards (and apologies to normal list readers),

P.S. If anyone has other contact points where we can reach the Admins and
ask for their help directly, it would be greatly appreciated.

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> Sent: Saturday, January 06, 2001 9:22 PM
> Subject: Re: How to unsubscribe?
> Hmmm dunno really its worked for most that I know of lol....the only other
> thing I can think of is the question as to whether you are sending it from
> the same account you are receiving the mail to or the same addy that you
> originially signed up with. Other than that maybe you need to
> write a _live_
> person lol
> and request it. The guys/gals that run the mailing list are very
> helpful...it does take awhile sometimes for them to respond
> ...but they have
> lives too...
> I think :) good luck
> VosVuur

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