It was Mon, 8 Jan 2001 09:13:17 +0100 , when you spake,
CE> Hello,
CE> Normally, with the Alt+Drag and Drop, you can move the selection. But, i use
CE> Gnome (sawfish) and if you use this function, it's the window that move (as
CE> if i drag the window title). Is there a solution (configuration of X) to
CE> avoid this behavior ?
CE> Salutations.

I'm not sure about Sawfish, but in WindowMaker a similar problem arises.
I fixed the problem here by changing the default windowmanager mouse binding key to 
MOD4 (crusty windoze key), so now if i want to move a window (for example), I use 
mod4(meta), not mod1(alt).

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