Carol Spears wrote:
> Ask them a question.  Asking them how to draw a straight line is always
> fun.  

Wow, I've been on some 10 hrs now and this my second mesage from the
wilderness. And in answer to my cry for recognition. I figured everyone
was very hush hush, or it was the Zen approach to using Gimp.

As for your question, ah, yes, I can see the fun that could be had. How
about "How do I open an image?" or "What is a jpg?", and the all time
favorite, "how to you start the program?" Or another, "why won't the Gimp
work from the command prompt when I boot up?" Of course, the best is to
troll the archives and find the most often asked question and pop it up
once again. On the Debian group it's invariably "how do I load
Netscape?" You can just hear the teeth grinding on that one. Though
everyone stays very polite with only the occasional reference to RTFM.

And here I was figuring to have an empty list to yodel in. Is there any
activity hee? Even the Gimp newsgroup has some activity...



            "Hey, I think I finally got the hang of i-"

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