On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, Jonathan Gift wrote:

> Carol Spears wrote:
> > Ask them a question.  Asking them how to draw a straight line is always
> > fun.
> Wow, I've been on some 10 hrs now and this my second mesage from the
> wilderness. And in answer to my cry for recognition. I figured everyone
> was very hush hush, or it was the Zen approach to using Gimp.

Actually, everyone knows everything now, for there's no further need for

> As for your question, ah, yes, I can see the fun that could be had. How
> about "How do I open an image?" or "What is a jpg?", and the all time
> favorite, "how to you start the program?" Or another, "why won't the Gimp
> work from the command prompt when I boot up?" Of course, the best is to
> troll the archives and find the most often asked question and pop it up
> once again. On the Debian group it's invariably "how do I load
> Netscape?" You can just hear the teeth grinding on that one. Though
> everyone stays very polite with only the occasional reference to RTFM.

I am currently designing a sticker to customize keyboards. It says "ANY".
Stickers are $3 USD each, the instruction and installation manual can be
purchased for $10 extra, plus applicable taxes, of course.

> And here I was figuring to have an empty list to yodel in. Is there any
> activity hee? Even the Gimp newsgroup has some activity...

I could use help on animating boinking gifs, actually.


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