[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-01-10 at 1859.01 -0500):
> > > The fact remains, though.  Switching color depth solved my problem.
> > I'm running 16-bit as well with no problems with screen captures.  How
> > much memory does your video card have?  What are you running your
> > desktop at?  Might you be running out of video memory?
> 4Mb, with 1024x768.  But one would expect that even more memory would
> be needed for 32-bit mode, since twice as much space is required for
> each bit.

You can also try 24 bit. And with 4 MB you can run 1024 @ 32 bpp, even
1152 @ 32 bpp. I ran my old ATI at 1152 * 864 and it had 4 MB too (I
can not remember if I used 24 or 32, but doing the maths 4 MB are
enough in both cases, the difference is in free space for pixmap cache
and other tasks).
> The video card is Diamond Viper 330 (NVidia-128 chip), with SVGA
> X-server, X11 3.3.6.

Old chip and nVidia. :[


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