COUTIER Eric wrote:
> I think it's the latests versions. Why don't you migrate to gimp-1.2 ?

Love to. But I can't grab the compiled deb binaries on the Debian site
because they're compiled against sid and that means upgrading a lot of
libraries on my potato system and breaking stuff. The other choice, I
guess, is finding someone who has compiled it against potato, but I
placed a post in Debian and no takers. last choice is compiling it
myself... I don't know if it will work with potato's version of the GTK
dev libraries and so further upgrading is in store..

Any suggestions welcome. I'd love to have it...

BTW I do have a late 1.17 or somthing butw hen it loads it insists on
nstalling, not in the customary .gimp directory, but .gimp-1.117 etc.
directory. Clearly to show it's not done. ANY way to have it default to
.gimp (I tried changing the paths in preferences and no go...).



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