[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-01-12 at 1331.22 +0100):
> I'm doing a left to right gradient, dark blue to black so that a narrow
> 2 inch bank of blue apperas before fading into black. the problme is
> that the band has uneven bars of various hue there. I tried Blur to
> smooth it out, and adding another deeper colored layer, etc. No go. How
> can I smooth this out?

First, make sure you are not running in 16 bit (you should use 24 bit,
or 32=24+8). Second, check that your monitor is adjusted and not
damaged, it could be a hardware problem. Third, even after some people
say that 24 bit is enough, sometimes is not enough (some people are
more sensible, and some situations push that to the limits).


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