Jonathan Gift wrote:
> COUTIER Eric wrote:
> > I think it's the latests versions. Why don't you migrate to gimp-1.2 ?
> Love to. But I can't grab the compiled deb binaries on the Debian site
> because they're compiled against sid and that means upgrading a lot of
> libraries on my potato system and breaking stuff.
> Any suggestions welcome. I'd love to have it...

Compile!  Its not hard.  Just download the source, unzip it,
./configure, make, su to root, and make install.

It'll let you know during ./configure if you're missing stuff that you

I always compile because I like to know that its built perfectly for my

Debs and RPMS have made people lazy or something...   For important
things like the Gimp I compile.
Jon Winters

   "Everybody Loves The GIMP!"

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