Dear helpful maintainer,  I hope that you can guide me
on my quest to simultaneously run:
 - Netscape 6 / glibc+libjpeg

Case 1: I had GIMP and GTK.
Case 2: I tried to install Netscape 6.0, but it
crashed, due to dependencies on glibc and libjpeg,
which I did not have (at least not in correct
Case 3: I downloaded and installed several layers of
dependent *.DEB files with the dpkg GUI.
Case 4: As a result, I successfully installed Netscape
6, but GIMP/GTK were gone.
Case 5: I tried to reload the Gimp package using dpkg,
but it informed me that it would unload MANY packages,
including glibc and libjpeg.  ARGHH!

If you can help, or guide me to someone who can,
please let me know.

-- jeffrey winter
work phone 301-608-2780

--Always look on the bright side of life.--

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